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Firma PIRLA to producent taniej chemii gospodarczej, papieru toaletowego, ręczników papierowych, czyściwa oraz artykułów gospodarstwa domowego. Ręczniki papierowe, papier toaletowy, czyściwo producent Gdańsk.

The PIRLA products consist of two groups of goods: Pirla and Pirla White. We introduce the range and parameters:



1. standard grey toilet paper A’8 or colour (extra payment) bulk container 8/pal 33ply

2. grey toilet paper A’8 in biding bc 8/pal 33ply

3. toilet paper A’6 XL (big rolls without "waffle") bc 6/pal 39ply

4. grey Jumbo toilet paper bc 12/pal 50ply

5. mini green towel bc 12/pal 50ply

6. midi green towel bc 6/pal 50ply

7. maxi towel, cleaner green bc 2/pal 42ply


Products made of 2ply cellulose, white:

1. white toilet paper standard roll, loose bc 64 rolls/pal 33ply

2. white Jumbo toilet paper bc 12/pal 50ply

3. mini white towel bc 12/pal 50ply

4. midi white towel bc 6/pal 50ply

5. maxi white towel, cleaner bc 2/pal 42ply


Household chemicals:

1. dish liquid standard 500ml, 1l, 5l, 1000l

2. dish liquid concentrate 500ml, 1l, 5l, 1000l

3. antibacterial liquid soap 500ml (dispenser and reserve), 1l, 5l, 1000l

4. floor concentrate 1l, 5l

5. universal-cleaning fluid 1l, 5l

6. window liquid 1l dispenser, 5l

7. BHP gel to very dirty hands 500ml, 5l

8. WC gel 750ml, 5l

9. pipe cleaner

10. gel air freshener "box"

11. carpet and upholstery cleaning fluid 1l

12. bleach 1l

13. scour powder 500g

14. WC tablet - to hang

15. washing fluid 500ml, 1l, 5l

16. fabric conditioner 1l, 4l, 5l

17. washing gel colour, universal, black 1,5l

18. bath foam 1l, 4l, 5l

19. hair shampoo 1l

20. car wind screen washer unfrozen till -20deg.C


Given compilation includes products of standard parameters. However, we are able to prepare each product with individual parameters. We can also prepare your own private label. We sell high quality goods but our the greatest asset is the price.

Admittedly we do not produce tissues... but we try to find other alternative solutions.


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