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Firma PIRLA to producent taniej chemii gospodarczej, papieru toaletowego, ręczników papierowych, czyściwa oraz artykułów gospodarstwa domowego. Ręczniki papierowe, papier toaletowy, czyściwo producent Gdańsk.



Our process in continual pursuit of the price vs. quality led us to systemize the production and confection. Currently, our products are the only recyclable waste -paper and white 2ply cellulose. We prepare the products with standard parameters, but we also fulfil a great number of individual orders. Our main asset is the price. 95% of paper production provides the goods called industrial from AwayFromHome, HoReCa-section.


I appeal to all who are interested in cooperation, in order not to be reluctant to contact us. I am convinced that we will agree on! I will visit You willingly at address You specify or I will invite You to my office.


Our offer includes household chemicals from the partnership company. These are the cheapest products from the offer. It is ideal for the customers who need the lowest price e.g tender. We deliver the product where You want all over Poland, also abroad after we agree on logistic minimum or other cooperative terms.


I guarantee 100% customer’s satisfaction, it means the product can be returned in case of dissatisfaction without giving the reason. Call us, we will arrange the meeting and we will discuss the partnership details...


best regards,

Maciej Grabiński


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